Learning English....? Why Not….? EL Rahma Language Corner (ELC)

El Rahma Language Corner (ELC) is a place for El Rahma student to learn English. It is guided by Mr. Syafrianto SM., SS., M. Hum., (left) an English lecturer of STMIK El Rahma Yogyakarta.On April 24th, 2017, ELC held an outbound in HutanPinus (Pine forest) located in Pengger,Mangunan,Bantul,Yogakarta. This program was also attended by the head of ELC, Irfan Nuruddin,S.Th.I., M.S.I.As you know, English is an important subject to learn, not only for English department student but also for non-English department student. Dealing with this out bound’s theme –no reason to stay, is good reason to learn, learning English, why not –Mr. Syafrianto, in his speech said that “…how happy I will be when I see you speaking English fluently, I do hope that you have a good willing to learn English, because what you know about English is a must and I believe that it will help your study…” and he also hoped that ELC’s students keep their togetherness  and clannishness.In this out bound’s programs, there were many English educative games. As students of ELC furthermore, we hope that we can apply what had learnt in this out bound especially the spirit of speaking English in our daily life.Mr.Irfan, in his speech said that this program is not the first and the last program that he hopes but it is a continuing program. he also hopes that ELC’s memberis an active studentto upgrade their spirit to learn and upgrade their English so English is possible to master.

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